How to Reduce Waiting Time in a Restaurant?

If you want to be successful with your restaurant, you must take maximum care of the experience of your customers. You can wander about ideas to improve a restaurant, but sooner or later you must learn how to reduce the waiting time in a restaurant and avoid the image of your unhappy customers. 

One of the biggest complaints from customers about restaurants is the length of time they have to wait to eat. A waiting customer is a customer associating visiting your restaurant with an unpleasant experience. Waiting, as a general rule, causes anxiety and a lot of frustration. A bad experience can ruin your smart marketing strategies.

However, long wait times in restaurants are not a problem that cannot be solved. If you\’re looking for ways to reduce your restaurant\’s wait times and keep your customers happy, check out our ideas below. 

RMS 360 explore 5 amazing ways to reduce waiting time in your restaurant:

Having an automated restaurant system in which all business processes are recorded is the best way to do efficient work that is reflected in customer service.


Set up an Online Reservation System:

You can make the booking process quick and easy for both you and your clients by setting up an online booking system on your website by RMS360 – A Restaurant Management Software. This way you will know exactly how many tables are filled for each service and you will be able to obtain valuable information over time about the moments of greater or lesser activity. Online bookings are also a great way to start a relationship with customers and follow up on repeat customers. Alternatively, you can also choose to accept reservations for larger groups and leave the rest of the tables open for customers without a reservation.

Tablet Ordering System

An implemented Tablet Ordering System can improve the customer\’s dining experience as:

  • The orders taken are more precise and there is no possibility of manual errors. The plus point for your customer service.
  • The speed and efficiency of your restaurant\’s service improves, which overall contributes to a better customer experience.
  • Greater speed and efficiency of service means higher table turnover, allowing your restaurants to serve more guests.

If your customers are happy and satisfied, more word of mouth recommendations will be generated.

Offer QR code menu


You can cut down on serving time in your restaurant by up to 20% by including QR codes on the menu. People may now scan these codes with their phones instead of having to ask staff how long specific items take to cook. It takes a few minutes and prevents everyone from having a long talk, allowing guests to choose their meal more quickly.

Inform your consumers about wait times.

Tell your visitors what to expect. Inform them in advance of the wait time. If your establishment is a full-service restaurant, this is particularly crucial. Instead of having the waiter keep them in the dark until the food is ready, your guests will be happy if they know in advance how long they must wait for their dinner.

RMS 360- Your Go to Restaurant Management Software:


 A full-featured Restaurant Management Software designed for restaurant managers and owners. The software solution has been carefully designed to meet the needs of your business, to satisfy your customers, and to increase your revenues and profit.

By the RMS 360 software, you can reduce the waiting time of your restaurant because we provide the best and exciting services which are discuss below:

  1. Streamlined Management:

Management is no joke, but RMS 360 makes it easier. This restaurant software allows you to manage your stock and vendors hassle-free. Moreover, it is also a restaurant inventory management software, so you can keep track of everything at all times. There will be no shortage of stocks, everything will be available at right time so you can serve the customer easily.

  1. Run it all Digitally:

RMS 360 is an online restaurant management software that empowers you to run your food business more efficiently wherever, whenever. This restaurant management solution can manage online and dine-in orders, including table management, for your business efficiently.

  1. Stress-free Social Media Login:

With RMS 360, any user can log into social media without difficulties. Our best restaurant management software is user-friendly and fun.

  1. Invoice Generation:

Manage and generate customer invoices in less than 2 minutes. No more waiting for receipts, no more unhappy customers.

All of these services can make your Restaurant automate and you can serve your customers without any unhappy experience and bad views – because customer satisfaction is all every business needed.

If you have any questions about how to reduce waiting time in a restaurant or how to avoid having your client wait, do not hesitate to consult with our team of specialists at RMS 360 today. Without any commitment and free of charge.