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Don’t Use RMS 360?

Here’s What You Might Be Missing Out On

Restaurants need to juggle various tasks on a daily basis, often at the same time. With so much to do within tight deadlines, mistakes are bound to happen. Some of these errors can cost you your business.

For example, if you are not accurately tracking your inventory stock, you are at risk for sudden order delays. If you don’t offer a quick contact-free payment gateway at your restaurant, diners may choose to order from another eatery that does offer it. This can also hinder your online orders.

If your staff is not coordinating to fulfill orders or there are gaps in communication, that too can be a great burden on your restaurant or café in the near future.

RMS 360 is Here to Help

Run Your Eatery the Right Way with Just One Tool

No eatery owner wants to make mistakes such as those mentioned above, especially in today’s competitive restaurant business market. If these problems stay unaddressed, they can result in a substantial loss of customers, revenue, and credibility.

But there is no need to worry because you can tackle all these issues, and more, with RMS 360 – your one-stop restaurant management software.

With its simple design, user-friendly interface, and numerous helpful features, our best restaurant management solution is meant to address and solve various major and minor business problems faced by eateries in today’s market. RMS 360 can also be operated from anywhere in the world so that you can run your business without geographical restrictions.

A major problem RMS 360 solves is the prevention of fraud in the restaurant space. You can now manage your vendors and business partners with just a few clicks. Every deal and partnership you have is fully trackable, which prevents the chances of fraud, which occurs more often than you may think when you are not logging in everything.

RMS 360 is useful for restaurant/café owners, staff such as waiters, managers, and chefs, in addition to customers. It uses integrated features to solve modern-day restaurant problems by improving kitchen communication, sending regular updates to customers about their orders, assisting waiters with their work, eradicating human errors, and so on.

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Enjoy the Benefits of RMS 360

Some of the most prominent benefits associated with using RMS 360 for your eatery are:

Software for Multiple Locations

Want to manage more than one restaurant location? Do it conveniently and safely with just one restaurant management software.

Generate Digital Receipts

Who needs paper to print receipts when you can go green with paperless bills? RMS 360 makes this possible for all eateries.

Take Contactless Orders

Provide walk-in diners and online customers with a digital QR-code activated menu and receive contactless orders.

Employee Management

Let RMS 360 take care of different staff management factors for you, such as salary management and taking everyday attendance.

Online Table Reservation

Book and manage table reservations smoothly with RMS 360.

Social Media Login

Anyone can conveniently log into RMS 360 within seconds by using their social media accounts.

On-Going Support

Facing a problem? RMS 360’s customer support team is 24/7 available to help, regardless of your time zone.

Be In-Charge of Your Recipes

Manage and secure your food recipes through easy steps.

Why Use RMS 360 to Grow Your Restaurant Business?

Transformative for the Restaurant Market

Innovative technology is not only changing the way the restaurant industry functions, but it is also becoming a replacement for traditional ways of running an eatery. RMS 360 is designed to revolutionize the restaurant/café market by lending an endless digital helping hand to eateries worldwide. Unlike old-school methods, with RMS 360 there is no chance of manual errors so your brand can flourish without any obstacles.

Immaculate Customer Service

RMS 360 is created to keep your customers happy and of course, you happy by providing round-the-clock customer support services to our esteemed clients.

Personalized to Your Brand’s Core

What works for one restaurant might not work for another. Therefore, RMS 360 uses its easy-to-navigate features to grow your brand, which you can personalize according to your eatery’s constantly changing requirements. With RMS 360, you get instant access to a management dashboard where you can keep track of everything that is specific to your restaurant.

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RMS 360 can be utilized by all types of businesses in the restaurant/café industry. It can be highly beneficial for small, mid-sized, and giant food chain restaurants.

RMS 360 serves as a safe assistive tool for restaurants and cafes. It ensures full security and privacy of your eatery’s and staff’s data, which will allow you to run your business without ever worrying about cyber issues such as hacking.