Bring Technology to Your Kitchen & Surpass Expectations as a Pakistani Home-Based Eatery

Running an Eatery is No One-Man Job

Oftentimes, home-based eateries are run by one person or a handful of people. These eateries operate from homes and usually rely on online orders to keep their businesses afloat.

Home kitchens are mostly small businesses and they do not have the necessary funds to hire outside assistance, at least not in the start. So, when such eateries begin to get more customers, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the influx of orders.

Home-based restaurants or cafes also face problems in acquiring and fulfilling digital orders, not to mention various payment issues, vendor and inventory problems, and so on.

RMS 360: Every Homebased Eatery’s Support System

Here is the good news: The issues mentioned above are fixable with RMS 360 – a home kitchen management software for all types of home restaurants and cafes.

Entrust Your Home Eatery’s Responsibilities to RMS 360.

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Advantages of Getting RMS 360 for Your Home Kitchen

Speedy Contactless Payments

Why use cash and worry about making a mistake when you can take online payments? Customers can pay you digitally with RMS 360’s online payment system. This ensures the health safety of the consumers as well as the convenience of your restaurant.

Virtual Menus

Enable consumers to scan a QR code with their phones and get a digital menu displayed there. With RMS 360, you do not have to print any menus. No paper or extra money is wasted.

Complex Calculations

Let RMS 360 handle your eatery’s finances without any human errors. This home kitchen management software can track your staff’s paychecks, calculate profits and expenditures, manage inventory prices, and so much more.

Data Safety

RMS 360 ensures the complete security of your home-based eatery’s private information, such as your recipes and other crucial information regarding your business, finances, and employees.

Is RMS 360 the Right Choice for Your Pakistani Home Restaurant/Café?

In Pakistan, home-based eateries have always existed. But during the global pandemic outbreak in 2020, this industry picked up the pace.

During the COVID-19 era, food ordering gained momentum and the passion for feasting on delicious readymade food still continues to exist in the country at the moment.

According to research, people in Pakistan spend approximately 40% of their annual income on food ordering. This grants a massive opportunity for small businesses such as home-based restaurants/cafés to come into the spotlight.

Integrating technology with your home kitchen is a lucrative idea since it assists with online and offline orders. RMS 360 presents a variety of features to manage and support your home kitchen without spending an arm and leg.

It is a proven method of innovating your kitchen and uplifting your revenue without hiring experts who may charge a price that is out of your budget.


RMS 360 empowers home-based eatery owners to manage their small companies more efficiently and productively. This tool can be customized according to your home kitchen’s distinct needs and can be made to specifically target your goals.

Our customer support representatives are working hard 24/7 to provide you with any help you may need. Thus, we are active round-the-clock, which means you can contact us anytime you want from wherever without worrying about the time-zone difference.

With RMS 360, customers can place an order with your home-based restaurant or café from the comfort of their homes with a few taps. They can also pay the amount online and you will be notified about the order.

As soon as a consumer books an order, your kitchen staff will receive an instant notification so that they may get started with the food prep as soon as possible. The customer can also view the updates regarding their order.