5 Advantages of Utilizing QR Code Technology at Your Restaurant

The restaurant business market is hot right now. With more and more eateries opening up around the world, competition is fierce.
So, what can you do, as a restaurant/café owner, to dominate the food industry and carve out a name for your brand?Incorporating innovative technology, such as restaurant management software into your eatery is a foolproof way to do that.
Any good restaurant management software will come equipped with QR Code Technology.QR Code Technology has been getting popular amongst food places recently. Over 83.4 million smartphone users scanned a QR Code in 2022 in the United States alone.However, it is still underrated as many restaurant owners in most countries do not know its potential.Here, we will discuss everything QR Code related, and the benefits it can have for your eatery band.

QR Code: The Basics

1: QR Code

Put simply, it is a barcode that can be scanned and read by devices such as mobile phones. Unlike traditional barcodes that are only able to store a handful number of digits, QR codes can store thousands of them.With a Restaurant QR Code Menu, each customer will have his/her own menu on-screen within seconds.
Over 70% of customers expressed that have had a pleasant experience with contactless ordering systems, according to Datasential

2: Restaurant QR Code Menu

Think of a Restaurant QR Code Menu as a digital menu. Customers can scan the QR code at an eatery with their mobile devices and the digital menu will pop up on their screens.

How Can a QR Code be Beneficial for Your Eatery Business?

1: Quick, Instant, & Convenient

QR Codes cannot just save you money and time; they can also eliminate the unnecessary hassle of printing menus for customers out of your life.With a Restaurant QR Code Menu, each customer will have his/her own menu on-screen within seconds.
Over 70% of customers expressed that have had a pleasant experience with contactless ordering systems, according to Datasential.

2: Better for Health & the Environment

Consumers today have become more educated and socially aware. Topics such as COVID-19, health & safety, and global warming have become the highlighted worldwide issues of the present-day century.QR Code technology is environment-friendly in comparison to regular menus because of lesser paper usage and no printing requirements.Moreover, because everything is contactless with QR Codes, this technology is much safer than passing around the same menu to different people, which can pose a variety of health risks.

3: Effortless Updates

Your restaurant’s menu can be effortlessly changed and edited whenever needed.
With a physical menu, you would have to either use a pen to edit out the menu, which would look jumbled, or you would have to get your menu reprinted, which is costly and inconvenient.

4: Minimize Printing Costs

Of course, with a digital menu, there is no need for printing.
It will help your restaurant save big on printing expenses and use the funds on something more important for your brand.

5: Boost Customer Satisfaction & Table Turnovers

QR Code technology is useful not just for presenting consumers with a menu, but also during the payment process. Contactless payment systems are getting all the hype right now due to the satisfaction and comfort that they offer.According to research by Datasential, 58% of customers said that they liked the option of paying at a restaurant via a QR Code.QR Code technology can also empower your employees to work faster and be more productive, view orders, collect payments, etc. This will lead to swift table turnovers and, as a result, higher consumer satisfaction.

6: What Should be YOUR Next Step?

Ever since the COVID-19 lockdown, the world has started to realize the all-around importance of QR codes, especially in eateries.
So, should YOU start using it for your business?If you can invest in reputable restaurant management software with reliable QR Code Technology, we would strongly recommend that you do it.Not only will it uplift your overall brand reputation, but it will also make everything go smoother for your customers and staff.
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