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Be the Best in the UAE Restaurant Market

Are You Letting Your Competitors Outdo You?

The UAE restaurant and café market is incredibly saturated. Right now, it is so competitive that almost every other eatery is finding a way to stand out from the crowd.

A guaranteed way to distinguish yourself from other eatery businesses is to speed up your service, eliminate chances of error in delivering the service, and satisfy the consumer with a great experience.

These are areas where most restaurants struggle, as it is practically impossible to do all these things without extra help, which can be quite expensive.

RMS 360 Provides Exactly What You Need

There is no need to hire external help and spend thousands on satisfying your customers when our restaurant management software UAE is here to do all that. This is how:

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Compete with Confidence with RMS 360. 

RMS 360’s Beneficial Solutions

Making Innovation a Priority

RMS 360 is an all-in-one restaurants management system that is ready to fulfill the needs of your
customers, staff, managers, and your eatery as a whole with its solutions.

Smooth Transactions

Collect payments from customers without wasting a second with this restaurant POS software UAE. RMS 360’s cloud-based POS system will enable you to not only get paid instantly without any hindrance but also protect your data.

Online Table Management

RMS 360 being a complete restaurant management software in Dubai also offers table management solutions. This restaurant table management software helps managers make & regulate table reservations & cancellations digitally.

Convenient Inventory Management

Stay on top of your food inventory with the best inventory management software for restaurants. Learn when your kitchen needs to be restocked and analyze which products are needed the most.

Digital Invoice Management

With its built-in restaurant invoice management system, RMS 360 allows users to obtain digital invoices whenever needed for walk-in customers, as well as takeout and online orders with zero hassle.

Supervise Catalogs

Create your product catalog or menu and manage it conveniently with RMS 360. Showcase your offerings with prices to all customers. Consumers can access your menu via a contactless QR code.

Run Your Coffee Shop Effortlessly

Manage your café like an expert with our café management system in UAE. Provide a relaxing environment to customers by delivering orders quickly and allowing smooth transactions without any issues.

Good management doesn’t have to be complicated.

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With RMS 360

Why is RMS 360 Best for Your UAE-Based Eatery Business?

UAE is the hub of tourism and food enthusiasts. The United Arab Emirates fast-food restaurant industry alone is worth $4.5 billion right now. If you own an eatery in the UAE, you can leverage this multi-billion market by innovating your restaurant with RMS 360.

Our restaurant management software UAE wants to help you unlock the real potential of your restaurant through flawless organization and incredible management for increased business and pleased customers.

As a restaurant owner in the UAE, you have to take care of multiple factors, such as managing your vendors, food inventory, salaries of employees, online & dine-in orders, and so much more. RMS 360 is a restaurant management software for UAE eateries that combines all these services and many more as one application.

This restaurant management software Dubai offers a variety of features to make sure your eatery’s needs are fully covered. It is an automated software that helps you manage various aspects of your UAE restaurant.


The restaurant industry around the world, including UAE, is saturated and of course, fiercely competitive. Introducing RMS 360 to your restaurant will empower your eatery brand to compete with other places. Not just that, but it will be your online assistant to help you through otherwise complicated tasks like organization, management, fast communication, contactless customer experience, etc.

Becoming successful with any business requires close monitoring. RMS 360 can help you track your sales and reports on a regular basis. It makes it easier for restaurant owners and managers to analyze their activity and eatery performance to make better business decisions in the future. Conveniently assess what is working great and where you need to make changes.