About RMS 360


What is RMS 360 ?

Your Eatery’s Innovation Partner & Management Assistant

RMS 360 is an all-in-one café and restaurant management solution created to assist an eatery in numerous areas of business. With its remarkable features and prime benefits, you can manage, organize, get orders, receive payments, reserve tables, modernize your place, and do a lot more. In other words, it holds key to a smartly-run restaurant/café and, as a result, many satisfied customers.
Business Made Easier

A Multitude of Services at Your Fingertips at All Times

RMS 360 is an efficient application that packs all the essential services that you’d need to run your eatery into one system. Our goal with this reliable software is to facilitate everyone at your restaurant/café, including the waiters, chefs, customers, and supervisors, with the help of edge-cutting technology.

RMS 360’s Mission

Our mission is to transform restaurants and cafes into smart eateries that are empowered enough to function on minimal resources by using software with everything they need in one place.

RMS 360’s Vision

Our vision is to offer eateries revolutionary services via RMS 360 so that they can stand out. We also envision a future expansion so that more eateries can thrive using specialized technology.

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Why RMS 360 ?

Dedicated to Developing Your Business

Yield the potential of our restaurant management solution and set your eatery up for success in the ever-changing restaurant/café landscape. Using a restaurant management system for your eatery business can leave a positive impact on your online as well as offline consumers, according to real data. A high-quality restaurant management system can help eatery owners:
Minimize overstocking & Inventory errors
Increase positive guest ratings
Reduce customer complaints
General & Personalized Solutions

Features Geared Towards Results

RMS 360 is ready to serve your restaurant/café business with its unique set of features and benefits. Our complete restaurant management system comes with many features, with the top ones being:

Quick Billing

Using its cloud POS billing system, RMS 360 turns into a restaurants billing software whenever your customer is ready to pay. Keep your data safe and immediately get an invoice for your customers.

Manage All Orders

RMS 360 has been integrated with a fully functional food order management system for you to properly handle dine-in and online orders. Do things the new way with our best restaurant software.

Smoothly Book Tables

RMS 360’s restaurant table management software will allow you to book tables for expected guests at any given time. Manage table reservations round the clock without any confusion.

Digital Menus

Forget handing out printed menus to guests. Let your customers scan QR codes through this online restaurant management system and get a digital menu displayed on their phone screens.

Our Core Values


To always be honest and upfront with our clients regarding our service and be fully transparent about our working process.


Our team takes full responsibility for the service we provide to our esteemed clients and is always ready to serve them.


We always strive to bring our RMS 360 users the best of the best. We will continue to work hard to achieve excellence for our clients.


We know that every business has unique needs. For this, we like to collaborate with clients and personalize our services for them.


We want to innovate every single eatery brand out there through a forward-thinking mindset and by adapting our services to the changing trends.


For us, the satisfaction of restaurant owners, managers, customers, and staff always comes first.

Success is just around the corner

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What We Prioritize in Business

The RMS 360 team prioritizes client trust and communication above everything else. We commit to our valued users to deliver them the results they desire for their business. We also prioritize:

Consistent Business Progress

RMS 360 aims at leveling your eatery business up through error-free technological solutions. Automation, organization, and management are the secrets of any restaurant’s success. RMS 360 is all about helping businesses make steady progress in their industries and successfully automate their brands and take them to new heights.

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Customer Support Team at Your Service

Operating a new application can be tricky at first. In addition to the extremely user-friendly interface of RMS 360, our professionals can also assist you whenever needed. The RMS 360 team of customer support representatives is always ready to serve you around the clock. Feel free to get in touch with our support experts anytime!

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Working with Passion & Creativity

We put our heart into working with our clients’ businesses. RMS 360 is a complete restaurant management system developed with creativity & passion – a passion to solve a variety of problems faced by eateries today and to elevate them from multiple angles. We hope your brand benefits from what RMS 360 has to offer.

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