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About RMS 360

RMS 360 is an all-in-one café and restaurant management software to meet your eatery’s everyday needs. With innovative digital operation features, this software has been created to cater to your customer’s demands and supports your employees in a streamlined way.

RMS 360 is a product of the hard work of an entire team of masterminds with years of experience in the technology and digital marketing industry.

So, if you are a restaurant or café owner/manager, RMS 360 will act as your digital assistant to ensure the smooth running of your eatery.

Easy to Handle

Minimal, interactive UI & UX design for your customers and staff to easily navigate through.

Designed to Serve

From general services to custom solutions, RMS 360 serves all eateries with innovation.

Alert Support System

Contact an alert team of customer support representatives asap whenever you need assistance.

Accessible from Anywhere

Free from all geographical restrictions – access your RMS 360 software from any place.

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The Idea Behind RMS 360

Technology is changing almost every other industry around the world – especially the restaurant and café market. The global pandemic made many realize the importance of contactless digital systems and intelligent organization for managing finances, inventory, etc. RMS 360 has been founded based on this idea. Our restaurant management software empowers business owners with intelligent online assistance to help them operate smartly, safely, and speedily in the fast-paced hospitality industry.

How We Work?

The RMS 360 team always prioritizes communication with every client. For us, knowing about your needs and demands is extremely important. Our working process is straight forward and involves 3 basic steps:


Book a 15-Min discovery call with us for free.


After the discovery call, we will give a quote.


You can  schedule a RMS 360 demo with us.


Our Services

RMS 360 for UAE-Based Restaurants/Cafes

Own a restaurant in the United Arab Emirates? Choose RMS 360 for happier customers.

RMS 360 for Pakistan-Based Restaurants/Cafes

Emerge as a top restaurant in Pakistan by combining fast technology with good food.

RMS 360 for Homemade eateries (Pakistan)

Make a name for your café in the Pakistani market with exceptional management.

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Personalized Management Solutions

RMS 360 wants to serve all types of eateries. We understand that each business will have different needs, and for that reason, we also offer custom-designed solutions for your specific eatery. Our services can be personalized according to:

Our Features

Explore the broad range of eatery management solutions offered by RMS 360. This tech solution
for restaurants empower business owners to manage multiple locations and track sales
and reports wherever, whenever. Other solutions offered by RMS 360:

Streamlined Inventory Management

RMS 360 brings you a systematic kitchen inventory and stock management service. Keep a close check on your inventory levels at all times. This enables you to audit your stock and identify slow-moving items to prevent overstocking – which can lead to better business financial outcomes.

Employee Payroll Management

RMS 360 is your go-to error-free restaurant software that facilitates employee payroll management. Now, you can calculate gross pay as well as net pay with a few clicks. Stay financially ready ahead of time to avoid stressful situations for your company and your employees.

Table Management

Manage tables for your eatery fast with this table management software. Book tables efficiently and track which tables are reserved and which ones are unreserved for the remaining customers. Steer clear of messy table management and impatient customers during rush hour.

QR Menu Ordering

Present your customers with the facility of placing contactless orders at your eatery with RMS 360’s in-built QR Scanner service. Guests can scan a QR code with their cellphones and readily access your menu. Run your eatery with safety and make your guests’ comfort a top priority with RMS 360.

Contactless Payment Method

RMS 360 comes integrated with a contactless payment system that will allow customers to make payments and readily get receipts. Its ultra-modern POS billing system can help you receive safe contactless payments from customers, whether they are inside your eatery or ordering digitally.

Real-time Reporting

Our automated software for restaurants is easy to use and access from any location in the world. RMS 360 allows real-time reporting through quick updates, hence allowing your staff to communicate with each other and with customers without wasting any second.

Kitchen Management

Every restaurant’s or café’s success depends on the functioning of its kitchen. RMS 360 has innovative features that ensure uninterrupted communication between the chef, the waiters, the customers, as well as the rest of the eatery staff, in addition to stock management for kitchen items.

Our Informative Blogs


RMS 360 offers employee payroll management service through which you can neatly keep track of when you have to pay your staff and how much you have to pay – either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
RMS 360 is also an online table reservation system. You can effortlessly reserve tables for customers, as well as record and supervise which tables have been pre-booked and which ones are free for seating.
Our restaurant management system offers real-time reporting service and can greatly improve the communication between your staff members, as well as between your staff and customers via instant updates.
Absolutely. RMS 360 can ensure undisturbed kitchen management of your eatery by relaying customers’ orders to your kitchen in addition to other services such as kitchen inventory management.
This contactless ordering system enables consumers to place contactless orders through QR menu scanning. Customers will scan the relevant QR code and menus will appear on their mobile phones. No printing is required.
Yes, RMS 360 is also a food inventory management system that helps you regularly monitor your stock. Our restaurant management software enables your eatery to be well-prepared in advance concerning ingredients and kitchen products.
RMS 360 presents customers with a contactless ordering system through which they can order from anywhere. Once an order is placed, your kitchen staff will receive it. This will help them get started on the food prep immediately.
Logging into this restaurant management system is extremely user-friendly – simply register by using your details and then log in. However, there is also an option for instant login through social media.
Yes! RMS 360 allows business owners to keep a track of their vendors and suppliers. It is an efficient software designed to help you manage it all at your eatery – from A to Z.
Customers inside or outside your eatery can conveniently make contactless payments via RMS 360’s POS billing system. Invoices can also be generated through this restaurant invoice management system.